Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)


UTI is a fairly common ailment among women, especially as woman’s urethra is shorter than that of man’s. A first time occurrence of UTI can be treated either with antibiotics or Chinese herbs, with hopes that it would only be a simple infection, and not recur. With repeated recurrence, one would need to think about the underlying cause that brings about the UTI.

Anyone can be diagnosed with UTI just the way one would catch a cold – only in a very unpleasant form. Even the healthiest person can have an ailment when the living environment is not moderate. For instance, a perfectly healthy person could catch a cold by staying outside on a cold, rainy day for an extended period of time. One-time infection could happen as such. If an individual is more prone to catch cold while others are not, it is more likely caused by the individual’s overall body constitution that is responsible for the susceptibility.

Recurrent episodes of UTI immediately tell us that there is some weakness and/or disharmony of internal organs in the body. Possible organ in question could be kidney, urinary bladder, etc.  It is important to note that treating only the present symptoms cannot prevent future occurrence for chronic illness. As UTI is an outward symptom of illness in your internal organ, it will naturally be cured by treating both present infection and the root cause. Accurate diagnose and appropriate prescription of Chinese medicine not only treat the current UTI, but prevent its recurrence by enhancing the state of health of the organs and/or balancing their functionality.