Urinary Incontinence


Urinary incontinence is a common ailment among the elderly. It limits one’s daily life activities due to frequent urge to urinate. Those with urinary incontinence do not feel inclined to travel long distances, go to theater, or even meet people because of their need to constantly rush to the bathroom. Urinary incontinence is also a cause of disruptions in sleep. Frequent disruptions in sleep due to the need for bathroom trips means they cannot have a restful sleep. This results in tiredness during daytime that limits daily activities. Many people with urinary incontinence are forced to wear diapers through the day and night. For some, even the thickest diapers are not enough at night. Bedwetting is a common problem for elderly with urinary incontinence. 

While Urinary bladder holds the urine, the energy to control the urinary bladder and sphincter comes from the kidneys. Urinary incontinence thus usually caused by weak kidneys. This explains why the elderly are more prone to urinary incontinence, as kidneys become weak with age and gradually lose the energy to control urine habits. Hence, urinary incontinence can be controlled by enhancing the kidney and urinary bladder functions.

Zhi Niao San at Woo Shin Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese Medicine formula to control urinary incontinence by enhancing the kidney and bladder energy. By boosting the affected organs, Zhi Niao San significantly reduces urination frequency. Those taking Zhi Niao San have reported much better sleep, more energy during daytime, and also less frequent bathroom trips during daytime.