As incomprehensible as it may sound the first time you hear it, indecisiveness is a character affected by an internal organ – the gallbladder. If something as simple as deciding what coffee you want in the morning or what to order from the menu is giving you the sweats, it could, of course, be that the choices around us are all too enticing — or, it could just be that your weakened gallbladder is making you a bit more timid when it comes to making decisions.

Gallbladder, in Chinese medicine, is responsible for pumping up the courage to make decisions and take initiatives. It is thus difficult for those with weakened gallbladders to make decisions, whether it be bold ones or trivial.

Those with weak gallbladders tend to be timid, lacking the drive to do things. They are also prone to waking up early in the morning for no apparent external reason. Not being in a healthy state of body, they toss and turn, fall back asleep again, and wake up late. Weakened gallbladder also manifests itself in some individuals with tiredness and depression.

While indecisiveness is not necessarily an illness, it can be a recognizable sign that the gallbladder is not in a very healthy state. Acupuncture, combined with natural herbal medicine treatment, can have great effects to address the matter and bring back your normal self again.