Beauty Puncture


Beauty puncture is an anti-aging treatment of your face, mostly needling the face and few other acupuncture points to strengthen the body-constitution as a whole, resulting in younger and healthier and younger facial skin. By needling facial points directly related to body organs (mostly digestive organs, including stomach, intestine, liver, etc.), the digestive system gets a boost with good qi (energy) movement, thus enhancing metabolism and constitution, which in turn revitalizes the skin. The local needling on the face also directly boosts the qi movement and blood circulation of the face.  

The common myth of the beauty puncture is that one could see drastic changes on the face immediately after treatment, as you would after cosmetic surgeries.

Beauty Puncture is not surgery. It does not directly remove aging spots or wrinkles by removing loose skin as surgery would, but rather strengthens the skin to have enough turgor to prevent wrinkles. It can also remove or lighten aging spots by enhancing the whole body constitution – what is known as the holistic treatment. The body needs time to regenerate and recover tissues through a series of treatments – ranging from five to seven, before you can physically see the difference. While the slow process might seem discouraging, it offers not only the healthier skin but also enhancements to the whole body constitution. As changes are made with the holistic point of view, beauty puncture has no complication that may arise from cosmetic surgery, including but not limited to scar which causes blockage of qi and blood movement – something that accelerates the aging process.