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Born to an acupuncture family, Dr. Woo Shin partakes the heritage of acupuncture practice of three generations. His background in acupuncture gives Dr. Shin an unparalleled level of expertise, experience, and an inherited sense of healing. His rich experience of acupuncture and Chinese herbs since his childhood enables him to make accurate diagnosis, not only through visible symptoms, but also through highly trained pulse and tongue reading techniques as well. This allows him to create extremely personalized formulae for both acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Emphasis is placed on a holistic view and individually customized treatment in his healing methods. ‘There are no two identical grains of sand among all sand grains at the beach,” he says. “One person’s magic pill is not necessarily magical for another.” A holistic approach to treatment signifies the perspective of importance in the whole rather than focusing only on the visible signs. A patient with a fever may have developed the fever for a variety of reasons – likely causes can be generated from the issues in the heart, liver, spleen, or other body organs. Rather than prescribing just a fever reliever, Dr. Shin, following the holistic approach, would seek to find the main cause for the well-rounded health of the entire body.

Not only is he an exceptionally skilled acupuncturist, he is a firm believer that compassion is the beginning of all treatment. This belief leads him to extend his healing hands past all borders, reaching to those who would need him most, as he has in Nepal and Mongolia.

“There are no borders, be it political, religious, or financial, that should get in the way of healing hands.”

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